HitchLit Special Issues: Women’s & Global Issues

In a 2010 interview with Jeremy Paxman (and frankly at almost every debate he participated in), Christopher Hitchens identified the best known cure for global poverty–the empowerment of women.

With this in mind we would like to announce that we have two new special issues planned for The HitchLit Review. The first–tentatively scheduled for release around the winter solstice–is our women’s issue.

Our second special issue, set for tentative release for the 2018 summer solstice, will seek to address global perspectives. What are the concerns of the secular community globally? How are our needs and goals similar, different, and how can we support and empower one another?

Watch out for our formal calls–to be released soon. In the mean time, should you wish to contribute something for the special issues specifically, please include in your submission’s subject line “Women’s Issue” or “Global Issue” to ensure that your piece is categorized appropriately.

Thanks to all those who have made The HitchLit Review possible. Keep an eye out for our inaugural issue, which should be live online Monday, September 4, 2017.

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