New Call: “Paradoxes”

The HitchLit Review and our editorial board is back for another exciting themed issue, slated for publication during the 2019 winter solstice!

This year’s Secular Special: Paradoxes. Do you hate going to religious services, but love studying the architecture? Paradox. Do you have a prudish friend who can’t bring themselves to purchase something personally, but they want it bad enough to recruit you to get it for them? Paradox! Are you an agnostic in a congregation who has been asked to teach Sunday school? HOLY Paradox!

As a secular journal, we are seeking essays, poems, scripts, and comics that capture the essence and ambivalence of the areligious community (i.e. agnostics, atheists, humanists, apostates, etc.), their lives, loves, and experiences.

Submissions may be sent as an attachment via email to This reading period ends on October 31. For further details, please visit our submissions page.

We look forward to reading you!

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