About HitchLit

The HitchLit Review (ISSN 2572-360X) is a biannual literary-arts journal that seeks to showcase and celebrate openly secular artists, their works, and their communities.

Founded in 2017, HitchLit derives its name from two sources. First, The Oxford English Dictionary defines “hitch” as a verb, meaning “to move [something] into a different position with a jerk.” For many secularists, this is a fitting description for how they parted ways with former ideologies.

Second, and perhaps most notably, our name is a nod to the memory of one of the world’s greatest defenders of reason–Christopher Hitchens. His writings, lectures, and debates have inspired countless free thinkers around the world to step out of the wings and speak out against injustice in all its forms. While Hitch was an antitheist, well known for his ferocity on the debate stage, it is equally vital to remind ourselves that–at his center–Hitch was a humanist. When meeting one of his young fans before his death in 2011, his parting words for her were “remember the love bit, also.”

And remember, we will.

The HitchLit Review, in short, seeks great art. We seek work that captures the essence of what it means to be openly secular today.