Open Reading Periods:

The HitchLit Review (now an annual publication) will be open for submissions from May 1 – August 31 of each year. We invite you to submit your works of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama, comics, and cover art at that time. Submissions sent outside of that time period will be held until the start of the next reading period, but decisions will not be made on those until the end of that reading period.

General Guidelines:

All work must be submitted electronically, via email with a subject line indicating that this is a submission, its genre classification. An example subject line would read:

  • Submission Poetry
  • Submission Fiction
  • Submission Nonfiction
  • Comics / Graphic Novel Excerpts
  • Submission Visual Art

All work must be attached as a single file (.doc / .docx / .rtf preferred). Art submissions should be attached as a JPEG file. Filenames should include the last name of the author and the genre of the work under consideration.

  • Smith.Poetry
  • Jones.Fiction
  • Davidson.Nonfiction
  • Ruez.VisualArt

When submitting, please identify the title of the work(s) included in your submission and include a brief author bio (approximately 50 words).

HitchLit will not consider previously published work, but simultaneous submissions are acceptable, provided that the author informs us in the event that submitted work is accepted for publication elsewhere.

Prose Submissions (Fiction / Nonfiction)

We consider prose (up to 3,000 words). All work should be double spaced, with 1″ margins, and must be typed in a common 12 pt. font (Times New Roman, Garamond, Calibri, etc.). Authors may submit one short piece of short prose (1,000 – 3,000 words in length), or up to two flash pieces (under 1,000 words each). Please only submit once per reading period and wait for a decision before submitting again.

Poetry Submissions 

Poets may submit up to three poems (maximum of 5 pages) per reading period. All works should be included in a single document (.doc / .docx / .rtf files preferred). Please submit only once per reading period and wait for a decision before submitting again.

Cover Art Submissions

Artists interested in providing us with cover art, please submit two high quality images of your work as a .jpeg file.

Art submissions should be accompanied by a brief artist bio (up to 50 words) and be labeled as “Cover Art Submission” in the subject line of the email.


Should HitchLit accept your work, we acquire first publication and archival rights, though all other rights revert back to the author upon publication. Due to our status as a fee-free, non-profit organization, we regret that we are not a paying market at this time.

Please send your electronic submissions via email to: